We firmly believe in delivering outcomes, not outputs. By eliminating internal layers and creating teams of highly trained individuals who cross disciplines, we combine smarts with speed.

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Our planning models have been validated by over 20 years of longitudinal quantitative data and are designed to generate powerful insights. While we cannot share our methodologies, we invite you to review the defined steps that outline the framework .

  • Define

    Together, we will discuss your business objectives and promotional goals. Our experts have medical degrees and spent decades in high science. They need very little “up” time for on-boarding. We will also align on timing, deliverables, expectations, metrics and budget during this time. 

  • Explore

    Following the sharing of any existing information and research, a knowledge gap analysis will determine the extent of research plan.  A plan is then developed to confirm intended target audiences, benchmark the market, map the journey, identify treatment barriers, isolate leverage points, and illuminate opportunities for the brand, etc. 

  • Enlighten

    Analyses of research insights, relevant to key target audiences and segments, facilitate the discussion of the achievable strategy for the brand. Key foundational elements of the brand begin to take shape; value proposition, positioning, brand platform, and the final creative brief leading to concept and message development.

  • Activate

    Based upon the approved creative brief, the communication strategy is brought to life through the development of audience-specific concepts and messages. As multi-stakeholder alignment on final creative is achieved, the campaign is launched to the target audience(s). 

  • Measure & Refine

    An assessment of performance is made through analytics, guiding future campaign evolutions as needed.

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