Leadership Marketing Part IV: Power Brands

 Michael Marino

Michael Marino / Founder & CEO

The Best Tool For the Job.

The next four posts in our Leadership Marketing Series will focus on one of each of the human needs we’ve previously discussed. Starting with “doing” something specific, we focus on Power Brands.

Power Brands Lead the Way.

Brands that promise to provide a specific function, better than anyone else, are called Power Brands.  They create relationships with their customers that are grounded in performance, and framed around a very specific core category benefit.  They promise superior efficacy and build their brand promise by being the best solution or best tool for the job. Power Brands deliver the emotional benefits of confidence, dependability and security – the sense that “you can trust us to perform.” Given the obvious emotional benefits, the majority of pharmaceutical and healthcare brands launch and remain in the Power Quadrant, inadvertently establishing long-term competitive situations for share-of-mind.

Conveying Their Power.

Power Brands accomplish their leadership positions through 5 consistent communications strategies:

  1. All communications work to define and own the category’s core functional benefit.
  2. Messages focus on the product and how well it performs, usually including superlatives, such as fastest, quickest, strongest, etc.
  3. They often rely on a “problem/solution” approach to their advertising, including visual proof of performance, or demonstration.
  4. Generating trial is critical to Power Brand success:  If the product truly does what it claims, and customers see that for themselves, then more than likely, the customer becomes a convert. Coupons, test-drives and free demos are all common Power Brand tactics.
  5. Constant innovation is essential to maintaining competitive advantage. Tide laundry detergent, for example, has promoted the “whitest whites” for generations, and sustained that claim via hundreds of product improvements and modifications.




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