Wolters Kluwer Law & Business

Linking a new brand identity to shifting core category needs


Wolters Kluwer is a global $4.6 billion provider of information and insights to professionals in law, business, and health compliance. Wolters Kluwer Law & Business represented approximately one-quarter of their business.

Introducing a triple-strength value proposition

Built over the last 170+ years from diverse global acquisitions Wolters Kluwer needed a unified look, brand promise, and value proposition for all of its audiences. The mandate was to build a corporate platform that addressed where the company is headed using its three-pronged value proposition:

  • Exquisite content (Insights generated by industry experts)
  • Access (Platform-neutral; anywhere, anyhow, anytime)
  • Enhanced workflow (Efficiency, speed, natural harmony)

Each of the core pillars was used to build the ultimate brand promise and tagline.



How do you know what’s right?

When working in the health and legal worlds, situations often arise that impose difficult choices, generate strong emotional conflicts, and require that you understand and do the right thing. In many of these cases the consequences can be serious and have important ramifications. So, how do you define what’s right? How do you know what’s right? And how do you do what’s right? The only way to really know the right thing is to stay informed. And not just by facts—but by the truth. From a credible, expert source.


A new promise. A new foundation

The overarching “Know. Right. Now.” corporate campaign fits the foundation of the organization, from the mission and vision statements to the focus of every new product launch.


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