Public Service of New Hampshire

How do you make people feel good about a brand?

A brand embedded in the social fabric

For more than 85 years, Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) has been an essential part of the fabric of the New Hampshire, supplying electricity to more than 70% of homes and businesses. Recently, though, the reputation of PSNH has been challenged by punishing winter storms and its association with the construction of a new hydroelectricity transmission line. Many forget, or simply are unaware of PSNH’s contributions beyond electricity —like advanced clean energy technologies or charitable support of hundreds of communities across the state.

“What sets us apart keeps us together.”

While “Live Free or Die” runs deep in the New Hampshire culture, common feelings, experiences and shared values bind fellow Granite-Staters together. It was our goal to demonstrate how PSNH actively strengthens and maintains the many connections that sustain the fabric of New Hampshire.

Engaging depictions of shared, everyday emotional experiences remind Granite-Staters that they have more in common than they think. While individual expressions may take different forms, their underlying similarities are ever-present and link all of New Hampshire together, allowing PSNH to remind everyone that we’re all connected.

Five impressions for every household in the state

PSNH’s digital branding strategy garnered impressive results in just a short amount of time with 2,450 clicks to the website in the first four weeks of implementation. During the same time period the digital campaign produced over 3 million impressions, which reinforced PSNH’s leadership role in New Hampshire and increased employee engagement.

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We’re All Connected: “Town Hall”

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We’re All Connected: “Birthday”

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We’re All Connected: “Toast”

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