Penguin Computing

Expanding brand affinity from a niche market to the mainstream


Penguin Computing provides enterprise and research facilities with high performance Linux-based computing systems and software and was looking for a brand identity and differentiating position vs. IBM, HP, and Dell.

Where did the love go?

Linux, the open-source computing platform, not only offers great freedom to its users, but also stokes the passion that originally attracted them to computing. Yet, when it came to work, these same IT professionals couldn’t achieve the same sense of fulfillment they did in their “garages.” (Fortune 500 companies avoided Linux because of the perception that it is labor intensive to implement and maintain.) The passion that had originally attracted them to computing was not available on the job.

Hello, Penguin

Unlike its competitors, Penguin Computing offers turnkey hardware and software solutions, backed with 100% Linux-focused support, which allows Penguin Computing’s customers to enjoy immediate success with Linux and restore their deep-rooted passion for computing at work.

This insight formed the basis for the new brand strategy that encouraged IT professionals in Fortune 500 companies to put the benefits of Linux to work for their businesses and get back to loving what they do.  Corporate ads established the new brand personality in a manifesto format that reminded IT professionals of the passion for technology that drove them into the profession.


The Penguin knows what you like.

These print ads, a radical departure from the “hardware catalog” looks of the category, signal that Penguin Computing offers something authentic and unique.

Awareness increased 35% in 12 months. Qualified leads increased by 100-120 per quarter.


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