Aligning global strategy of an in-market orphan drug across multiple markets

Exceptional therapy for a rare condition

Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS 1) is a debilitating, progressive, life-threatening genetic disease affecting 1:100,000 births on average, caused by a defect in the gene that makes an enzyme called alpha-L-iduronidase.  Once-weekly infusions of Aldurazyme normalize liver and spleen volumes and normalize respiratory function. Aldurazyme has been shown to positively impact quality of life, including sleep, and to promote normal growth and development in children.

One brand. One effort.

Over the years, Aldurazyme’s global marketing communications efforts had become fragmented and inconsistent. Our goal was to unify existing market strategies under a single, global Aldurazyme value proposition, and bring it to life through one creative concept, voice, and messages to accrue maximum brand value and ROI.

Brand Platform Illustration

Five concepts based on the newly created Aldurazyme brand platform were developed. Global research revealed the winner: “Aldurazyme Changes You.”

Aldurazyme Changes You concept statement

Aldurazyme is a transformative therapy. It stops disease progression, normalizes respiratory function, improves sleep, respiration, mobility, and endurance, and promotes normal growth and development in children. Once-weekly infusions of Aldurazyme significantly slow (and may even prevent) disease progression.

But what else? Yes, it transforms clinically—but it transforms physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

Aldurazyme changes everything about you.

Individual markets assumed responsibility for the adoption and application of the new global concept.   Core sales materials, brand strategy and brand guidelines were developed in partnership with each key country and distributed globally.

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